Keren Gu's Picazón

Sharing and Scratching Itches Everywhere


Once I learned that there are 2 places that innovative, entrepreneurial ideas come from: one is from scratching your own itch, and the other is from experiencing the pain of others by stepping out of your own world. 

I hardly ever step outside of my bubbly world, not yet. I give myself plenty of excuses for it,  including my expensive education in Boston, Mass., and my precocious ability to feed and shelter myself. But in all honesty, I’m just lazy. 

So this blog is about my picazon (a cool-sounding word that means Itch in spanish). I thought that “Keren’s Itches” might not be the best blog title.

More about me:

I’m 20 and growing. I’m a huge nerd, HUGE, but I deliberately choose my way. My idea of fun during break is to work on projects of my own, with my computer, external display, Internet, and every tool I need. I’m super, SUPER, happy as long as I’m free and my thoughts are free. In the next 5 years, I plan to graduate college and work on something fun and exciting with a couple friends 😉 I’m only 20, it’s time to take risks!

Checkout what I’m reading on twitter: @kerengu


6 thoughts on “About

  1. btw ur itchy title makes me itch 😦

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