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SmartCart Poster

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If you are new to Project SmarCart, go here.

I find my updates for Project SmartCart always lag by a week. So the past week, I’ve been on “vacation”. But I did take one step closer to Techfair — I finally learnd Photoshop and made the SmartCart Poster. Woot! This is also the result of massive procrastination.

Did I learn anything from making this poster? I learned that I love it. For some reason, I never considered design to be a career option, but I’ve always believed that I have an eye for design, and at the very least, an appreciation. I love seeing things beautifully made, which is why, when I have my own product, it will be beautiful, sleek, and classy. But on the other hand, Designers and Developers aren’t that different. “Both cultures immerse themselves in technical professions, sometimes carrying a certain amount of elitism, but always with a passion for craft, self-betterment, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.”

This is a 24x36'' poster. The font size is in fact 35+

This is a 24×36” poster. The font size is in fact 35+


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