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Introducing Project SmartCart


It is Week 3 of 6, that I’m in China, spending my winter break working on my project. On Day 4 of the week, I finally got back to working. I opened up eclipse early this morning but didn’t eventually get to work till noon (…slacker). For the first 3 days of the week, which included the final day of 2012 and the 2 followed that, I spent at home, sick (… my excuse). I’m still sitting here with a box of Chinese Kleenex, but I’m getting better =)

So I think it’s time to finally introduce “Project SmartCart”. Even though the idea has been around since Summer 2012, while shopping at Shaw’s, I am still having trouble figuring out where to start talking about it… So here’s my attempt at a pitch:

The shopping experience at supermarkets and wholesale stores are far from seamless — we search through the unorganized aisles for groceries and then face long aggravating checkout lines. We are bringing technology to the ordinary shopping cart, presenting… SmartCart. SmartCart solves all the above problems and more. It tracks all items in the cart, let you search items in the store, gives recommendations for products, allows instant checkout, and much more. SmartCart will become the shopping experience of tomorrow!

If you are from the NE part of America, you might think of Stop&Shop. This is better than that. Just imagine being able to swipe your credit card on your shopping cart and leave.

Currently I’m working on this project for Techfair, a place where students show case their project and startups come to recruit. This project isn’t technically very challenging on a demo-scale, which is why i’m working mostly alone with the support my of friends on different subjects.

I’m just glad that I’m back to work. More on SmartCart as I make progress.


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