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Simple Elegant Startup: Intern Sushi

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Simple startups are always motivating. They fit into the category of “helping people do things that they already do, but easier and better”. There’s no need of inventing a new technology, but simply putting existing technologies together in a creative way.

I found out about Intern Sushi from Forbe’s 30 under 30 list. Intern Sushi is founded by Shara Senderoff (one of the few women on the list of 30 under 30. Wow, just be amazed by how few women there are), an ex-intern of Scott Rudin, the director of the Social Network. It makes me wonder if she was influenced by the entrepreneurial atmosphere spread by the movie.

I can imagine, that being in the acting and performing industry, it’s hard to present yourself solely with paper resume, especially as an intern. I guess Shara felt the pain of how difficult it is to be noticed. Hence the idea of a web-based resume where candidates can post videos and galleries of their work and performances. This is also a great portal to demonstrate one’s personality and communication skill!


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