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Starting an Android App

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Last day of class was 3 days ago, finals is coming up next week, but I don’t have to worry about that. I already flew my butt back to China and already on my 3rd day of vacation.

Finals, winter break, and IAP, last till about the first week of February. Without classes and problem sets, I really need to find something for myself to do! So over the next month, I will be working on my TechFair project, and if I get the time, I’ll make “Contact, the Word Game” — Android App.

I’ve never done an android app before, so I’ll be figuring everything out from the beginning:

Step 1 is the easy part, I’ve learned, install the ADT. It’s essentially just an eclipse with all the android libraries you need.

Step 2: creating an android project is simple as well. A thing worth noting: there are many features and layouts that are for certain Android OS or higher. If you are developing internally, it’s probably the best to develop solely for the OS version that you have.

So once you click “finish”, a number of files are generated for you. Something I found helpful was that whenever you see something like: “R.layout.activity_item_list” that means you get to go to the /res/layout folder to find the xml file that corresponds to that variable. By editing the .xml file, you get to change the variable, which changes the view! Also, eclipse gives you a Graphical Layout view so you don’t have to make your GUI programmatically. Much better =)

If you know anything about android app that might be helpful, let me know 😉 I’ll need it.


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